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Cornering tip: To develop solid cornering skills for moderate to high speed flat corners, try rotating your torso to look into the desired direction of your turn with 'all 3 eyes'. As you increase speed, get lower and lower to keep a low centre of gravity, to be able to lean the bike over farther to gain traction and maintain momentum! Have fun!

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Endless Biking’s Darren Butler goes to Jamaica

Posted: March 22, 2012

EB’s man of many titles and talents, Darren Butler, recently made the trip to the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival.  The trip was documented by several media professionals, including Ian Hylands, Connor Macleod and Matt Dennison.  You should definitely plan a trip to Jamaica, take a sneak peak at some of our experiences here.

You can check out some of their work here, there are many, many more photos and video to come!

Matt DennisonPart 1 – photos and video (Part 2 coming soon!)

Ian Hylands - Sequence Saturday on Pinkbike.com

Connor Macleod200+ photos on photo blog (video coming soon)

We hope you enjoy!  Yea mon!

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