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Instructors & Guides

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EB Riding Tip:

Cornering tip: To develop solid cornering skills for moderate to high speed flat corners, try rotating your torso to look into the desired direction of your turn with 'all 3 eyes'. As you increase speed, get lower and lower to keep a low centre of gravity, to be able to lean the bike over farther to gain traction and maintain momentum! Have fun!

EB’s commitment to quality…

We’ve taken great pride in having an outstanding company safety record over 11 years and we are proud to have been chosen for various awards in the community for both our Youth & Adult programming as well as our business practices. Our programs are known for the small ratios of coaches: participants and a professional level of service.

As a commitment to safety, professionalism and integrity, all of our Instructors are currently certified to the highest standards available in North America. Endless Biking Instructors are currently certified with any/all of the following:

  • EB MBIT (Endless Biking MTB Instructor Training)
  • PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors)
  • CMIC/ICP (Canadian MTB Instructor Certification)
  • NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program)
  • WFA (Wilderness First Aid) with CPR
  • OFA (Occupational First Aid)


Darren Butler

Co-owner of EB, Vice President
Professional Instructor & Guide
Director of media and marketing

Recent video of DB on NSMB.com (pumping the trail)
Recent video of DB on NSMB.com (how to corner)

Darren’s leadership, positive attitude and professionalism provide an energetic and passionate drive for Endless Biking.

Darren excels at teaching, with over 15 years experience as a professional Instructor and Guide and the last 11 years with Endless Biking, as well as being an Instructor at Capilano University & College of the Rockies. Darren has trained hundreds, if not thousands, of riders through various camps, lessons, clinics and Instructor Training courses and web videos.  Darren has been trained and consulted with many MTB instructor/coaching training programs: including the development of the PMBIA & MBIT, as well as trained in NCCP and CMIC/ICP.  These experiences and vast knowledge give Darren a great edge in terms of Instruction and an understanding of different ways to teach and to learn.  Like the trails we ride, each situation is unique and can call for a slightly different approach.

Darren’s commitment to community is strong, involved in countless community projects and initiatives throughout BC and even around the world.  A co-founder of the KootenayTrail Building Assocaiton in Invermere, BC (KTBA), former Director of NSMBA, now sitting on a Trail Advisory committee, DB has helped shape some of the riding we have in BC today.

Darren’s varied skill-set is captured in international media coverage, through various TV shows, MTB videos and magazines as well as many community events. A creative, diverse, fit and technical rider, DB can ride it all at a very high level; XC, DH, Freeride, Dual Slalom/4X, Enduro, Road…. you get the idea!  His diverse riding background includes competing in the BC Bike Race (5 years), the world’s first freeride events: the Red Bull Rampage and Red Bull Freezride, featured rider on Drop In TV, Ride Guide, pro racing ( DH, 4X, XC), factory team manager, and event organizer and MC for various events still to this date.
Darren’s a tough customer too, overcoming a near career ending injury, shattering both heels while filming for a TV show in 2002. After spending the better part of a year in a wheelchair and 3 years rehabilitating, Darren has bounced back stronger, with fortitude and intent that has been an inspiration to those around him.

Kelli Sherbinin

Co-owner of EB, President
Professional Instructor, Guide
Director of Operations

Kelli’s teaching resume is one of the deepest you’ll find. She has been an instructor for over 15 years with:  Endless Biking, The Dirt Series, Spokeswomen, Mad March Racing (MMR), Red Bull, Capilano University, College of the Rockies & NS Ride.

Kelli has developed a solid skill set and teaching style that is passionate, fundamentally sound and full of energy. Kelli’s positivity and exceptional teaching skills make her a phenomenal leader and one of EB’s most sought after coaches.

Kelli was born and raised in Nelson BC where she found her passion for mountain biking. Kelli has established herself as a highly respected professional instructor, racer, and mentor throughout Canada. Kelli is not only the president of operations at EB, she’s also an Instructor at Capilano University, teaching MTB Instruction and Guiding in several certificate programs such as the PMBIA and MBIT.

Some of Kelli’s highlights include BC Bike Race 2010 1st Place Overall – Solo Women Challenge, 2004 BC Cup overall series winner in Pro DH and Dual/Biker X, 6th place finish at Red Bull Psychosis, 5th place finish at Slope Sistair, the first ever invitational women’s freeride event. Kelli has also been featured in many movies and TV shows including: 100% Woman, Wild at Heart, The Emergence, Dirt Divas, Ride Guide TV, The Knowledge Network and Drop In TV.

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Jordan Drinovz

Professional Instructor & Guide

Program Coordinator

JD is from Squamish, has been riding for 10+ years, taught for Endless Biking for over 5 years and has raced with Team Squamish for 2 years. He has gained an immense passion for the sport, which shows in his riding. WE call him ‘The Specialist’.  Jordan enjoys all aspects of riding; from sessioning a skate park to long epic single track.

Being a graduate of Capilano University Mountain Bike Operations Program he is excited to start building a career in the bike industry. Jordan is always tryingto

improve his riding, even when he is teaching, he is learning something. He looks forward to getting on his bike while getting others on theirs!

Ryan Purcell

Professional Instructor & Guide

Guided by his passion for mountain life and outdoor pursuits, Ryan has shared his expertise and knowledge as a dedicated mountain bike instructor and guide for over ten years. Shortly after completing the Outdoor Recreation Diploma Program at Algonquin College in 2004, Ryan moved to Vancouver’s North Shore to pursue his passion for the mountains in 2006. Since this time, Ryan has demonstrated his commitment to and excitement for riding by becoming actively engaged in the bike community while sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge for the sport with others.

His enjoyment for the sport goes beyond his instruction as he spends a lot of his free time riding, learning the ins and outs of all trails the north shore has to offer. It is his extensive knowledge of the terrain, positive energy and encouraging approach which has made him a valuable member of the Endless Biking team since 2009. Additionally, his emphasis on effective communication, reinforcing feedback and catering personality allows clients of any skill level to learn and progress their riding abilities with confidence and ease.

Ryan has worked for several years in various indoor and outdoor environments developing and managing recreation programs. During the winter season, you can find Ryan either skiing the coastal snow or training members of snow school department at Cypress Mountain where he has been a key supervisor since 2006. In 2009, Ryan’s passion and dedication for winter sport continued as he became one of the lead coaches of the Vancouver Freestyle Ski Club.

“There is nothing I like more than being on the mountain.  Sharing with others my enjoyment for sport is what I do best.”

Cynthia Young

Professional Instructor/Guide

Cynthias’ years of racing experiences with great results, certifications to coach professionally, combined with her Degree in Kinesiology are just part of what makes her such an asset to Endless Biking. Cynthia’s tremendous passion for the sport of mountain biking as well as her amazing personality complete the package that she brings to EB.

Cynthia has World Cup XC appearances, Road, Cyclocross and Enduro racing podiums, as well as Adventure and multi day Mountain Biking victories racing to her name. She has experience coaching just about every level of rider, Youth to Adult. Cynthia really does do it all. As a proud Mom, Cynthia isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either. Look for her on the trails of the North Shore with smiles and family in tow.

Mark Bickford

Instructor & Guide

Born and raised on the North Shore, Mark has had a passion for mountain bikes since he was seven years old.  Over the course of his 10 years riding bikes, Mark has grown to love all disciplines of mountain biking, including downhill, cross-country, all-mountain, dirt jumping, and even skate park.

Mark’s love of bikes has lead him all over the province racing downhill, enduro and cross-country events, as well as visiting almost all of BC’s mountain bike parks.  Since 2011, Mark has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for mountain biking coaching youth programs with Endless Biking.

Brandon Woods

Brandon Woods
Professional Instructor & Guide

Brandon was born and raised here on the North Shore, and at an early age discovered his love for the Mountains and all the adventures our beautiful planet has to offer. As he developed as an athlete and outdoor enthusiast he pursued his talents as a Competitive Freestyle Mogul Skier. After a few years immersed in the sport he felt the need to share his love of his playground with others. Drawing from nine years of exploration on the trails of the North Shore, Squamish, Whistler and all over the Western portion of our continent he channeled his energy to becoming a Freestyle Ski Instructor and Mountain Bike Guide.
Using his keen eye and diverse coaching knowledge gained from the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association as well the Mountain Bike Instructors Training. He is able to encourage riders to reach their highest potential; dedicating incredible amounts of time to learning all he can about the outdoors, skis, bikes, riding techniques and mountain safety. His positive attitude and calm demeanour help to make even the simplest of rides feel rewarding and uplifting!

You can find him out on the trail riding his bike and striving to improve his skills at every chance he can. When he’s not on his bike you wont find him far from the hills, either coaching with Vancouver Freestyle Ski Club or Backcountry Ski-Touring the incrediblepeaks of BC.

EB Assistants

Norma Ibarra

Operations Coordinator/ Marketing & Social Media

From the Sonoran Desert of Mexico, Norma came to Vancouver in 2009 as an English student. She wanted to learn English to complement her degrees in Marketing and Tourism. Norma fell in love with Vancouver and decided to make Canada her home.

Norma discovered the world of Mountain Biking a year a go and decided to take the Progression Sessions at Endless Biking where she  became in love with the sport.   She enjoyed so much that she decided to get involved in the biking community.  Norma has volunteer in many biking events such, Bc Bike Race, and Crankworx, and she is now the New Media Volunteer for the North Shore Mountain Bike Association where she is in charge of social media, photography and promoting Events. Norma also has taken the Trail Builders Academy and  loves to volunteer at trail days.

Norma is also passionate about photography, she is now studying Photography. Her love for people, interest in communication, and passion to discover all there is about mountain biking has allowed her to be part of the Endless Biking Family as the operations coordinator.

Eli Relke

Mechanic, Customer Service, Instructor, Guide

Eli has been with Endless Biking for 3 years.  He shares our passion of mountain biking and also a love for mechanics. With a background in welding and the automotive industry he has quickly adapted to the progressive biking scene and keeps EB’s bikes running tip-top! Certified with our MBIT training and vast knowledge of local trails. He enjoys guiding rides; from local scenic pedals to fast paced all-mountain tours, and all day epics to shuttle laps.

Eli is known for being very approachable; always happy to answer questions or give tech tips. Not to mention, he has an unbiased opinion on wheel size.

He dreams of one day welding custom bike frames but for now he’s our handy mechanic and we are happy to have him as part of our team!
“I just love the industry and everyone in it. Not to mention bikes are fun!”



Sol is an integral part of EB. He has been at every single business meeting, most road trips and has become a big part of EB’s identity. He’s trained to ride trails, dig at trail days, hang out at the Whistler Bike Park, dirt jumps, skateparks, is amazing in the shop and gets along with everyone.

Sol’s a bit of a special nugget too… Not to be outdone by any of the coaches or guest riders, Sol has a titanium pelvis and a modified hip. His great spirit teaches us many great things about life and he’s a blast to have on the rides! Sol Man…

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Marty Lazarski

Professional Coach & XC racer

Marty is a graduate from the university of cross-country mountain bike racing and an all around nice guy.  With a National title in Cross-country as a U23 and a National title in Cyclo-cross as well as well as multiple Canada Cup wins, he knows how to train, race and win. Along with racing World Championships for the National Team, Marty has had success racing Marathon and Mountain Bike stage race events like the Trans Rockies of which he is now a 2-time winner of (2005, 2009) and the BC Bike Race.

Marty is a coach for our very popular Enduro XC program and he will help make you much faster.

Wade Simmons

Professional Freerider

Wade raced B.M.X as a kid for 10yrs starting in Kamloops and peaked racing for Team Canada at the 1985 World Chapionships in Whistler BC at the age of 15. Shortly there after, being burned out, he gave up BMX and got into Mountain Biking.

Wade raced some early XC races around Kamloops 1987-90 and started working in local bike shops. In 1991 he moved to Vancouver and was swept away by the burgeoning MTB scene taking off on the NorthShore. In Vancouver he worked for local shops: Bike Doctor, Robson Cycles, and finally 7 yearrs at the Cove Bike shop ending up the shop manager before shifting gears and persuing a professional career in Mountainbiking.

In the early 90’s Wade was racing Pro-Elite XC and starting DH, at that time the DH scene was just gaining momentum and the Freeride scene wasn’t even conceived of yet.

Wade has always more interested in the technical aspect of mountain biking, competing in many trials contests like the Hornby Island Festival, and in the mid-late 90’s focused on DH racing for RockyMountain, touring the Canada Cup series. In 1998 he won the B.C. Cup Dual Slalom Champioship. Around the same time the Freeride movement was starting to take off and in the late 90’s he started to focus on filming movie segements for MTB films.

In 2001 Wade won the Red Bull Rampage in Utah, the premier freeride contest. He continued to compete in Freeride contests emerging all over the world, most notably a second in the Red Bull Ride in Australia the following year.

These days Wade still enjoys racing select fun events and participating in local events. As well as still actively filming MTB segments for films like New World Disorder, he now enjoys guiding and coaching mountain biking and representing his sponsors globally at festivals and events. He also spends a lot of time generating exposure in the media through travelling and any other story worthy events!

Andreas Hestler

Professional Racer & Coach, Program Consultant

Andreas Hestler aka ‘Dre’ began his passion for mountain biking in 1986, back then it was simply transportation. Soon after moving to Vancouver and embracing the life of a courier an attempt at racing was made and a new love was born. The next 20 years described a full career, 13 years on the World Cup Circuit, World Championship and the Olympics, the lifestyle of a devoted athlete.

Taking Canada to the Olympic debut of Mountain Biking in Atlanta (1996) will rank as one of my life’s great achievements, but so to will representing Canada as the National Champion, and National Series winner 5 times.  Coaching became a serious part of my later career,  so it is with great pleasure that I can get my 20 years of professional training and racing out to the public. In the last few years after winning the Trans Rockies 3 times, Dre has found writing, guiding, event promotion and exploring to be his new hobbies and of course they all happen on bicycles.
A true ambassador for the sport, a pioneer, a fierce competitor and all around cyclist with wins on the road, mountain and cross bike, from Epic to short track and Super D, Dre has a two wheel gift, an engine and a personality to match. Come and share the experiences gained in all disciplines, share the knowledge and have a great time getting prepared for your upcoming season.

Jay Hoots

hootytang!Professional Instructor
Professional Rider

Hooty’s Website

Jay Krantz aka Jay “Hoots” – Jay is an internationally known coach and professional mountain bike freerider who is active in the North Shore community, sitting on both the District of North Vancouver Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee (ORAC) and the Natural Environment Advisory Committee (PNEAC). He is also an active member and supporter of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA), and was named last year, the winner of the inaugural North Shore Mountain Bike Community Stewardship Award at the 6th Annual North Shore Sport Awards.

Hooty continues to educate and advocate the sport of mountain biking around the world. In addition to founding Hoots Gear, a dynamic company creating safety gear and technical clothing for mountain biking, Jay also runs his own non-profit organization, The DIRT Club, where he mentors youth. As such, Jay has incredible insight on what belongs in skills parks, including complete design aspects and a focus on progression and creativity.

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Mike Kinrade

Mike Kinrade, dropping in...Professional Freerider

Born and raised in Nelson, B.C., Mike has made working in the outdoors a priority throughout his professional career. At 17, Mike released his first full-length mountain bike film ‘Hidden Pleasures‘ and was awarded ‘Best Mountain Bike Film’ at the Vancouver Film Festival. The launch of his film production company, MPF Productions, followed shortly thereafter with titles such as ‘Second Coming‘, ‘Riders Anonymous‘ and ‘Self Titled‘. His experience acting and producing videos led to his involvement with a television project three years later, “Drop In Television,” the first mountain bike-centric TV show.

As further proof of his rise in the mountain bike world, Mike is one of the few athletes to be invited to the Redbull Rampage for four consecutive years. With Redbull’s participation, the freeride category has refocused the sport of mountain biking in mainstream media. Mike scored results of 5th, 8th, 9th and 9th in his four appearances, cementing his position as one of the sports most skilled riders.

Additional achievements:

  • 2 Feature Segments Kranked 7 (releases Spring ‘08)
  • Cover Bike Magazine November 2007
  • Rider in feature article of November issue of Bike
  • Closing segment in “Kranked 6 Progression”
  • Featured rider in the international STUND webTV series (350,000 downloads)
  • 9th place Redbull Rampage 2004
  • 8th place Redbull Rampage 2003
  • 5th place Redbull Rampage 2001
  • Best Air nomination 2005 Bike Video Poll Awards
  • RedBull Rampage video series: featured rider
  • Responsible for starting the world’s first back-country mountain bike resort at the infamous Baldface Lodge
  • Numerous publications in a world wide range of publications
  • Pioneer rider of the DropIn TV series
  • Regular TV appearances on shows like Ride Guide TV, Rush TV, RSN and You Gotta See This

Joe Schwartz

Professional Freerider

Joe has been a superduperbikestar since forever, and is still in the scene, milking it in any way possible. He has had segments in movies, covers of magazines worldwide, has competed in EXTREME contests, and generally gets rad as much as he can.
Joe is an experienced bike coach, and runs his own camps, the Nelson Freeride Camps. He also does private clinics, and contracts out his coaching expertise all over, including Calgary and Whistler.
Guiding takes up a good portion of his summer. Joe works with Big Mountain Bike Adventures leading DH and XC trips in Switzerland and at home in the Kootenays.
He is also a certified backcountry ski guide, and works at many different heli, snowcat, and ski touring operations all winter long.

Sponsors: Kona, Sombrio, NRG Enterprises, Chromag, Smith Optics.

Lisa LeFroy

Professional Freerider

Lisa is another multi-talented rider and coach on the roster at EB. Lisa can race DH with the fastest women in the world and she can teach riders of any level. Lisa is a favorite amongst the kids with her smile, laughter and good attitude.

As a rider, Lisa has a tremendous skill-set and understanding of the bike and it’s potential. She rides confidently and has some good results from around the world over recent years to back it up. You can find Lisa in Squamish, Whistler or on the North Shore trails…. if you can keep up.

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Danika Schroeter

Professional Instructor
Previous 4x National Team Member and Elite DH Racer

Danika aka Ramika or The Ram, is an accomplished DH racer, but loves all types of two wheelers and spends many rides on her all-mountain bike and road bike.  She was born and raised on the North Shore and bought her first mountain bike in 2000.  Danika raced at an elite level nationally and internationally for 5 years. She describes it as an amazing experience that improved her bike skills, and proved to be full of travel and adventures.

As a coach her aim is to help you develop the skills you need so that you can find your flow and reach your goals. She especially loves working with people who are just getting into mountain biking or are new to racing.

Katrina Strand

Katrina StrandProfessional Freerider
Professional Instructor

More on Katrina…

Katrina is well known in the Greater Vancouver and Whistler area for her Freeriding, DH Racing and Instruction. Katrina has tremendous leadership and instruction skills with all ages and all levels. Freeriding, Dirt Jumping Downhill or skill breakdown with analysis and support are no problem for Katrina.

Katrina runs a successful riding club, The Corridor Club and is also a member of the Canadian DH Girls team for 2006. She was also a member of the 2004 Canadian National Mountain Bike Team for DH racing, traveling to World Championships to represent Canada.

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Rick Loader

Rick, balanced.Professional Guest Instructor

Rick Loader is one of our most inspiring, experienced coaches and riders at EB. He has been working with bikes for over 2 decades and has been coaching at a variety of levels over the last 20 years. Not bad for someone who is legally blind!

Rick has since moved on to run Lynn Valley Bikes, a bike shop just up the road from EB.  However, Rick’s experience, combined with education, gives him excellent coaching and leadership skills. He has long been a teacher of Bicycle Mechanics as well as skill instruction, making him an ideal mentor and coach as a part of Endless Biking.

Rick’s credentials include: CMIC Guide/Instructor Level 1, NCCP Level 1, BCRPA Sports Injury Management, OFA Level 1 First Aid with C-spine, Bachelor of Human Kinetics. Rick is also an Instructor at Capilano University.

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