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EB Riding Tip:

Cornering tip: To develop solid cornering skills for moderate to high speed flat corners, try rotating your torso to look into the desired direction of your turn with 'all 3 eyes'. As you increase speed, get lower and lower to keep a low centre of gravity, to be able to lean the bike over farther to gain traction and maintain momentum! Have fun!

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NEW! 2-day Skills Accelerator – Jumps, Drops, Corners & Flow

Posted: March 30, 2012

Experience what it is like to

  • jump with confidence
  • tackle drops with ease
  • corner like a pro
  • feel the flow

We’ve just added an all-new program to the mix at EB for 2012, the 2-day Skills Accelerator!

Based on the popular 1-day Accelerator Clinic in Whistler, we have split up the format to offer a unique 2-day clinic on the North Shore.  It runs from 9am-1pm, so you still have time to ride afterwards or spend with family!

We’re even including a light lunch courtesy of Tour de Feast (local, organic, fresh) on both days.

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Endless Biking adopts Upper Griffen as part of TAP

Posted: March 25, 2012

Endless Biking has officially adopted the Upper Griffen trail on Mount Fromme.  This will be a great chance for EB to continue to give back to the community, supporting a great NSMBA program known as TAP (Trail Adoption Plan).

We’ve finished doing our walk-through with our NSMBA Trail Builder, Earl Allen, proposing a plan that will fix up some problematic areas, adding some fun options while maintaining the original technical flavour of the trail.  There are some great ‘teachable’ features on the trail that EB Instructors can use to help riders get more comfortable to ride more advanced trails on the Shore.

You can read more about the TAP program here and see who is getting involved on the North Shore, ensuring a sustainable future for the trails of the North Shore.

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Endless Biking’s Darren Butler goes to Jamaica

Posted: March 22, 2012

EB’s man of many titles and talents, Darren Butler, recently made the trip to the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival.  The trip was documented by several media professionals, including Ian Hylands, Connor Macleod and Matt Dennison.  You should definitely plan a trip to Jamaica, take a sneak peak at some of our experiences here.

You can check out some of their work here, there are many, many more photos and video to come!

Matt DennisonPart 1 – photos and video (Part 2 coming soon!)

Ian Hylands - Sequence Saturday on Pinkbike.com

Connor Macleod200+ photos on photo blog (video coming soon)

We hope you enjoy!  Yea mon!

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Thanks for visiting at Vancouver Bike Show!

Posted: March 5, 2012

We had a great weekend at the Vancouver Bike Show this weekend, thanks to all who came by to take advantage of our show specials.  It was great to see many familiar faces and many new ones!

We’re giving our staff the day off today before we process everything from the show, so we’ll be doing all of our draw prizes this week and we’ll be posting here and on our Facebook Fan Page.

Big shout out to our EB staff who did a great job leading the skills sessions and the seminars on the cycling stage and keeping the EB booth very welcoming with the good vibes flowing.  A big thanks to the students at Cap U MBO program too, they we’re a big help!

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Vancouver Bike Show special, this weekend only!

Posted: March 1, 2012

Endless Biking will be at the Vancouver Bike Show this weekend and we’ll be offering our 2nd and last sale of the year (only other one is Christmas).

We’ve got an an awesome weekend special, a 20% discount on all regular scheduled programs* for this year!

In addition to our show special, we’ll be offering:

  • seminars for kids (how to change a flat, how to check & setup bike for season of riding)
  • skill sessions for kids (how to ride with more control, how to absorb & pump terrain)
  • Open track time for kids!
  • draw prizes for those who come by and enter at our booth
  • Sneak peak at EB’s 2012 demo/rental fleet (2012 Rocky Mountain, Shimano, Fox Suspension)
  • Preview some of EB’s new programs for 2012!
  • A chance to meet Pro riders from the Vancouver area.

So if you’ve been giving some thought to signing up for our award-winning Youth Spring Break Camp, Youth Summer Camp, or maybe even some Private Lessons, this weekend is the best chance to do it.  You can also use the show discount to sign up for EB’s Gold Membership, which can save you a ton of $$ this season at various shops around Vancouver.

*Does not include specialty programs such as Inclusive Weekend Getaways or Instructor Training.

Where is the show?

Vancouver Convention Centre

Saturday, March 3, 2012 ~ 10am – 6pm
Sunday, March 4, 2012 ~ 10am – 5pm

Endless Biking: Booth #1419

Schedule of events

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