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Some of the kind things people had to say about their Endless Biking experience:

Just wanted to send a message of thanks along for the wonderful instruction we had during our private lesson with Ryan Purcell.  We both have experience as instructors in other professions and were incredibly impressed with Ryan’s balanced approach: he was clear and sequential with the lesson and each element that he taught was linked meaningfully with subsequent skills.  He has that rare ability to be both corrective and motivating at the same time; the end result for us was that we felt an increase in our riding skills but also an equally important increase in our excitement to ride our bikes and have fun!

That sounds an awful lot like and advertisement, but it’s unsolicited praise for what Endless Biking and Ryan, in our case, is providing.  When quality mountain bike gear costs so much, the price of the lesson is a bargain that has helped us (as somewhat experienced riders) develop and refine skills that will help us enjoy riding even more.  We’re envious that riders in the Vancouver area have access to your weekly programs!

Thanks for providing such wonderful instruction.

Tom & Shirley Beveridge Kamloops, BC

I wanted to write and tell everyone what a great experience that I had with Endless Biking. Fortunately, I get to travel to BC for work (live in Denver, CO) and I wanted to mountain bike while I was there. I asked local rider for his favorite LBS and said, EB, absolutely.

I expected some clunky, POS bikes that were meant not to break. Little did I know that they rented Rocky Mountain 27.5- exactly what I want to buy next (currently ride a SC Blur 26″).

I get to the shop and fully expected to be treated like a dumb American that showed up to rent a bike and waste their time. Man was I surprised. Eli took me into the back, measured me and fit me on a primo RM 27.5 Thunderbolt. He spent 30 minutes having me ride around the parking lot and getting it dialed in to fit me perfectly.

Once the bike fit, he showed me all of the trails that he rides. He made me feel welcome and not some outsider. We ended up riding Mt Fromme and I have to say that it was absolutely spectacular riding. The fire road climb was typical of CO rides, but the trails were perfectly maintained and the downhills were fast and caused me to say “oh, #$it” a few times.

My experience was an 11 out of 10. Thank you to Endless Biking for the great service and you have a repeat customer in me!

Scott – Denver Colorado

I just wanted to say thanks for a great experience on the North Shore a few weeks ago. I was in Gary’s  group of 7, and I think I can speak for the entire group when saying Endless went above and beyond expectations. Brent’s organization with regards to shuttling/logistics was spot on, while Ryan and Jordan were fantastic guides. The entire Endless team’s love for riding really showed – thanks for sharing this with us.

Ryan is a great teacher (and rider). He truly has a gift when it comes to explaining a line/concept in a calm simple way that encouraged us to think about how a feature could actually be ridden – but at the same time, he never invoked a sense of pressure to try something we weren’t comfortable with.

Jordan was a perfect complement to Ryan. A good teacher in his own right, Jordan’s ability to demonstrate a line on his bike was incredible – over exaggerating key moves to really help us understand/visualize various techniques (while at the same time making it all look effortless).

It was our first time to the North Shore, and while we consider ourselves decent ‘east coast’ riders, we now appreciate how easily we could have been in over our heads had we tried to tackle the North Shore on our own. Endless’ patience and drive to teach (versus ‘just guide’) paid huge dividends for all of – truly a remarkable experience which has made us all better riders.

Thanks again – can’t wait to get back out west!

Stefan – Toronto, Ontario

Thanks for following up! I did, in fact, rent a bike on Sunday, and it was amazing!  I forget the name of the guy (Eli) who provided me with a rental, but he was very helpful.

I’m definitely going to come rent again….decide what kind of bike I prefer, and then buy one.  I will also be recommending your company to others – it’s such a perfect set-up.

Jocelyn – Vancouver, BC

Having never organized a group trip, I followed the advise and recommendation of a fellow rider and past endless client to organize our groups adventure. Man you guys did not disappoint. Not often can one say “you exceeded my expectations” but in this case its absolutely the case.

Every aspect of our riding vacation was looked after in a timely and professional manner. From booking to biking and everything in between.  I cant say enough about Brent’s organizational, logistics and inter-personal skills. Always a smile on his face and he pulled off a miracle transferring us to Whistler.

Our guides Ryan and JD were amazing. Patient, thoughtful guys that can ride like the wind. Fun to watch, learn, ride and hang with…. cant ask for much more.

And finally the highlight of my experience, meeting Digger.  What a true ambassador of the sport and legend! To be able to chat with him about building and show him a few pictures and share a laugh… amazing. Having Digger at our table was an honour.

Thanks to all the Endless staff for an amazing experience!

Gary – Burlington, Ontario

Wow yesterday was insane. You guys are the best team, thanks so much so for everything!

Thomas – Australia

After riding and racing for over 15 years, I thought I knew what I was doing.  After spending the last 5 days with Darren in the MBIT Instructor and Guides Training, I feel like I just started riding again!  Wee!  This was the best investment I’ve ever made and I should’ve done this years ago!

Jesse – Nanaimo, BC

I got back on my bike after a ten year gap. It was a great way to get in shape and deal with stress at work. I was never that great a rider to begin with and, now  a lot older, I soon got frustrated with my skill level.

I heard about Endless Biking, but felt intimidated to call and sign up. Would I be able to keep up with others in the group? Would I be too old? I was a bottomless pit of mtn bike insecurity.

I finally stopped by EB to speak to about my situation and was immediately put at ease. They understood where I was coming from and set me up with right sort of program. Not too easy, not too hard. My skill and confidence on the bike increased 100% in short order, and continue to grow with what I learned through EB’s Progression Sessions.

Now it’s not a battle to stay on the bike and ride the trails. It’s pure joy.

Thanks EB for all the tips and tricks – not to mention the warmth and friendship you extend to any who come through your door.

John – Vancouver, BC

We just wanted to say thanks to you and Jordan.  Jex and Kida really enjoyed riding with him and both were excited about what they were learning and confident in their skills.  We really appreciated how Jordan was always on time (or early) and really felt like he had the kids best interests at heart as well as sharing his love of riding with them.

Bruce & Elke – USA

I can’t thank you enough for your help with learning to mountain bike with my prosthetic. It is rare to find someone who listens so carefully to what the problems are with trying to ride with a prosthetic and then works so hard to help solve those problems. You went way above and beyond lending me your flat pedals and shoes for the day! You can’t begin to imagine how exciting it was to suddenly realize that I would be able to Mtn. Bike just as well as I did before I lost my leg. Maybe even better with you instructing me! I can’t wait to get back to Whistler for more riding!  Thanks again for the exceptional instruction!

Pam – California, USA

Thank you for your generous coaching in Whistler. My media friends loved it so much that they started talking about going back to Whistler near future and riding with Endless Biking again!

Hayashi – Japan

I just got back home last night. Hope you guys are all back home and relaxed after Shimano Media Camp.  It was a really great time I had in Whistler but it wouldn’t be so great without everyone from Endless biking.  I want to thank all of you for taking care of us.

Sarge – China

I just wanted to thank you again for the ride on Saturday. It was even better than I had hoped for and I cannot wait to get back to Vancouver and ride again soon. If you happen to still have them, I wondered if you could e-mail me the pictures that you took – just so I can prove to people I really did it!

James – London, UK

I know the weather hasn’t been the best for your staff and the kids in the bike camp this week. But I can tell you Dawson has had a great time. Credit to you and your staff for overcoming the weather and getting the rides in.  Pass on my thanks to everyone for giving the kids a great week despite the odds. Dawson has had a lot of fun and  I will get him in some summer camps and I will stop in to your office in the next few weeks to see about the upcoming weekend camps!

John – Vancouver, BC

“In five minutes of instruction and three corners, Endless Biking changed my riding. They taught me the difference between turning, and cornering”

Brad – Seattle, USA

“Just wanted to thank Endless Biking for the great customer service I received when renting my bike two weekends ago.  The bike was ready to go when I arrived and the store and it performed flawlessly on the trail. Your staff was friendly and accommodating and more importantly, seemed genuinely interested in making sure I had a good time.

Thanks again and I hope to rent from you guys again next time I’m in Vancouver.”

Javier – Puerto Rico

“I just have to tell you – I went riding on Friday and rode a whole section of trial that I used to walk! I sessioned it until I could ride each of the trickier bits, and then I went back and rode the whole thing clean. I didn’t fall, and it didn’t seem scary anymore. It makes a huge difference knowing how to approach things.”

“I have been telling everyone I know how great the lessons are. Thanks for the great coaching!”

Kim – West Vancouver

“I just wanted to let you know that Alex absolutely loved the Beginner Freeride level one. He was so eager every morning and couldn’t wait to get there everyday! Thankyou for caring for Alex and treating him so well. Jordan and Shannon you “ROCK” !( Alexs words) You will be seeing Alex again next year! Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful experience with my son!”

Barb Tutschek

“I attended the intro to freeride camp August 18-21 and absolutely loved it. On the first day I was quite nervous because this was the first camp I’ve ever been to but as soon as I stepped out of the car I was immediately welcomed by everyone there especially the coaches and older guys. I was surprised how much my confidence and skills went up on the things I’ve always been hesitant about, such as log rides and dirt jumps. I loved exploring all the cool bike parks that I didn’t even know were there especially the Burnaby one. On the last day we didn’t end up going to the Whistler bike park which was alright because I just came back from there before the camp started plus the Squamish skate parks were pretty sweet too. So thanks for the great experience and I’ll definitely be back next year for more.”

Zac – Burnaby, BC

“Kelli, I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I just checked out your website. It’s an awesome site, and I can’t believe everything you do on the bike as well as for the community. Just wanted to say props and hopefully we’ll get to ride together in the future!”

-Tammy, IMBA Operations Manager

Keep doing what you do because your instruction has given me the confidence to ride. Before this course I could not ride the North Road Trail on Burnaby Mountain without stopping every 10 seconds from fear of not knowing what to do on the next section. Since I completed the course, I can ride that trail from top to bottom non-stop. I feel so much better as a rider, I even ventured out to Ned’s last week with my brother who is an advanced rider… Thank you guys!!!”(L1PS)

Andrew, Vancouver

I always look forward to a getaway in BC, and I’ve been lucky to do one most every year – but it wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t got off to such a great start by having you guys get me rolling. I hope your efforts bring you great rewards – you’ve certainly brought me great satisfaction by introducing me to the riding in BC. Thanks.

Vince, California

Thank you SO MUCH for tonight’s class!

I cannot even describe the elation that I am STILL feeling – what a truly amazing experience it all was for me today. :D :D :D I had so many breakthroughs tonight that I’ve lost count of them! I definitely pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and found that it was all okay. I now can’t wait to go try out my newly found skills on the trails. If my entire course fee went straight into this one class, it would have been worth it!

WOW! Thanks again & looking forward to next week! :) Susan

Susan, North Vancouver

I started riding mountain bikes in the late 80’s and thought I knew the basics, but a one-day freeride clinic with Endless Biking has transformed my abilities. Jumps and drops that used to scare me are now my best friends.

EB’s small classes, expert instruction and expansive knowledge base provide learning opportunities for every type of rider out there – from the newest beginner to old farts like me. I whole-heartedly endorse Endless Biking and can’t wait to enroll in their progression course.

Trond, Vancouver

We just wanted to thank you for our lesson and guide on Sunday, we had a wicked time and will definitely be back for some more private lessons and some of the other programs you offer.

Kathy and Hugh, North Vancouver

First of all…… good news from me is you would not believe, okay maybe you can lol, the difference in my riding after only that one 3 hour lesson !

Lisa, North Vancouver

Hey, I had such a great time at the Hot Wheels Camp and the braking lesson was my favourite (must be something to do with the instructor!). I don’t think I’ve ever consciously gone down any slope in a slow and controlled manner before – it’s amazing what a difference it makes when you do it with intent… You can’t help but feel confident with such powerful women guiding you along – I took home a bit from each of them.

Tamara, North Vancouver

Endless Biking exceeds my expectations every time. I always have fun and I always surprise myself with my ability, which is wholly down to the way that the maneuvers are broken down by your excellent instruction. You make it so easy to learn, and have so much encouragement to give. I haven’t got enough good words to say about you all!

Kathy, North Vancouver

Thanks again for yesterday’s session. Absolutely great!
You really broke it down to the basics and made it easy for me to get the concept . I’ll be working on it on the trail, no question!

Furio, Vancouver

Again thank you so very much or yesterdays lessonI feel so proud of my self and kind of “high” on the whole experience, I can tell you now that you will see me in your classes again.
You guys were great!!!!!!!!

Miriam, Vancouver

I need to express my excitement about the amazing weekend I had also. All four of you very patient and talented instructors were very inspriing. I was bouncing with… I couldn’t wait to ride again on Sunday. Tonight I rode a local trail that has three challenging spots that I have stared at for the past three years and tonight I rode them all! The fever goes on!!!

Audrey, Vancouver

Hey guys,

With regards to your “Feeling the Trail” riding tip article on NSMB, I finally applied that technique of using my arms and legs as suspension yesterday while riding Ned’s and the improvement in my riding is just UNBELIEVABLE!

I smoothly rode over all sorts of terrain that used to unnerve me and sometimes cause me to get off my bike and walk certain sections. But yesterday I rolled over all of it without feeling uncertain at all. Because of this, I was able to achieve a type of flow and speed that I have NEVER experienced before!

Susan, Port Moody

Thank you so much for the private lesson we did in Whistler (and the pic, it’s awesome!). I am starting to feel a huge difference in my riding, most notably with cornering. I have successfully ridden the switchbacks on Nicole’s and the switchbacks on Pipeline (which Darren really tried to get me down on the Progression Sessions, but I just couldn’t quite get it). I am absolutely ecstatic! Knowing how to position my hips more appropriately has made a tremendous difference in my cornering and I am so grateful.

Nadia, North Vancouver

Thanks again for the great day….. it was definitely a highlight of the boys’ trip. I know how much effort went into making it all happen, and I really appreciate it. I’ll certainly be singing your praises.

Melissa, Toronto

Thank you so much for your help the other day. I learned a ton. We went out on the trails at UBC yesterday and it was a great ride! I felt really confident, kept up to the boys and generally rode their legs off!! Everything you taught me came into play. Having the seat higher for the ride to and from the park, lowered for the trails, ready position while flying along the little trails, jumps for getting up curbs (small ones…) & over roots and most of all speed control! Especially coming down the big hill by Spanish Banks with the surprise steps near the bottom… All in all a spectacular ride!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to get out again. Too bad about the whole working for a living thing, it sure gets in the way of my sports!

Beth, Vancouver

Darren! Once again, thank you & Rick both for the AWESOME instruction on Saturday. We were all very impressed. Keep up the good work. It shows that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the class prep & program.

Mary, North Vancouver

Thanks to all of the guides for your time and efforts, Jake really looks up to all of you and I couldn’t be happier with that!

Cari, Maple Ridge

I want to thank you for the time you spent with us again. It really was absolutely valuable and usable stuff we learned (or you taught) us in our course. The fact that we all rode the parts of the hill other beginners might not was a direct result of good teaching during the skills and on hill sessions. I will most definitely be back for more courses and I will be recommending Endless biking to whoever I know that has an interest in mountain biking!

Chad, Vancouver

Kelli, I am so glad I got to learn from you. Your energy was a huge part of my success. Thanks for pushing me when I needed it. In addition to being a great teacher you are just fun to be around and that made the camp a special place to be.

Tracy, Vancouver

I thought your program content and personalities were an amazing combination, I got so much out of those two hours and I can’t wait to put them to use on the hills! I’ll be spreading the good word around the biking community to sign up with you guys!

Colleen, Richmond

Since taking the participating in the skills camp in Cumberland my level of riding and confidence has gone through the roof. I am now riding bigger drops and stunts and harder lines than ever before. This is in part due to the skills I learned from you, but also the confidence gained from riding with all of you. Once again thanks for everything!

Tremayne, Victoria

Just thought I would let you know I had a great time at the camp… All the skills we learned came into use, I found myself riding with confidence and on terrain I would not have considered prior to the clinic. Keep up the great work, you are awesome for the sport.

Trevor, Bunaby

I love to go biking again when before I was so frustrated every time I would go out. It’s awesome! And just so you know, some things still stuck in my memory even in my frustration with my bike…. I just had to write to say thank you all for your awesome instruction, patience, professionalism and enthusiasm. I would recommend Endless Biking to anybody! Every time I’m riding I keep thinking I need to say thank you, so ‘thank you’!

Tracy, Campbell River

I completed your advanced progression in July and had a really great session with Ken and Rick. Awesome instruction!!!

Peter, NorthVancouver

I really enjoyed my time with you (Kelli), it was awesome I learned so much, I can’t wait to get out there again. I am going to spend my time practicing what you taught me…. you are truly amazing! You are a really great instructor.

Nat, North Vancouver

You two were awesome! I learned so many valuable skills and am now so excited to ride more & show off my skills.

Chris, Victoria

Thank you so much for yesterday I really had a great time and learned a lot. I really like that you had the camera/video to show me what I was doing wrong and right. I found it really helped to identify what I was doing.

Deb, Bunaby

You are wonderful instructors and work well as a team. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have learned so much and am excited to try it out on the trails.

Melissa, North Vancouver

Kelli, I want to thank you & the other instructors for a fabulous weekend. It was my first experience at a Bicycle Skills Camp. I was taught the skills that I wanted to learn (manuals, 1/4 punches, 3/4 punches, riding the skinnies!! what a rush!). When I arrived home I told my husband what I had learned, so he went to Home Depot & purchased boards to make some ramps & bridges for me to practice on. He set them up today in our yard today & I have been showing off my new skills. Thank you again – I would definitely come to another one of your camps.

Patricia, Whistler

With the ever-growing popularity of mountain biking, more and more coaching and teaching clinics are becoming available in almost every part of the world. Endless Biking provides a huge array of clinics and coaching that can accommodate every level of rider in a non-intimidating environment where learning can only be limited by the fun you will have. Endless Biking coaches are world class who teach the highest standards available, expect complete professionalism and unlimited giggles.

Jay Hoots, North Vancouver

Thanks. It would have taken me 5 years to even look at the bigger jumps, let alone jump them… In 2 hours, I made it over 3! Golden!

Simon, Coquitlam

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