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Youth Apprentice Program 2018

Investing in the future of mountain biking


Youth Apprentice Program 2018

Investing in the future of mountain biking

Here at Endless Biking we’ve made it our mission to foster growth in our community and young local mountain bikers. We're growing our family and are looking for a group of responsible, young mountain bikers that share our passion for delivering endless #goodtimesonbikes.

Our Apprentice Program provides young riders with the opportunity to gain experience as a mountain bike instructor and obtain valuable volunteer hours while being mentored by a Certified Professional PMBI Instructor.

This program is designed to help the young advocates of our sport develop as riders, gain experience and build leadership skills. Not only does this program help open doors within the mountain bike industry, but it also allows apprentices to the gain confidence and skills required across all areas of work!

We believe that many young riders have what it takes to become the next generation of leaders in our sport and we want to be there to help guide them on their way! Throughout the past 14 years of business, we've helped many young riders grow as individuals and find their passion. Now we're formalizing this process and opening it up to even more local young riders!

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Mentoring the next generation of leaders in our sport.

Mentoring the next generation of leaders in our sport.

How it works!

  • You'll volunteer within our Youth Programs and get to discover all aspects of being a mountain bike guide / instructor!
  • We'll work with you from Mid March - September 2018
  • We’ll pair you up with our experienced Certified Professional PMBI Instructors and provide you with all the training you need to hit the trails with confidence!
  • You’ll help lead groups of no more than up to 8 little rippers at a time, while helping them enjoy the North Shore trails and maximize their #goodtimesonbikes!

The Ask

We'll work with you to fit your volunteer hours into a schedule that works! This schedule will include:

  • 3 x After School Ride / Sunday Ride Blocks throughout your time with us

  • 1 x Summer Camp week

This adds up to a total of around 62 hours of trail time!

What you get:

  • Valuable experience helping lead groups of youth riders.

  • Pre-season staff training.

  • Rider development sessions from our Lead Guides.

  • The opportunity to develop your skills on and off the bike.

  • To become a part of the Endless Biking Family!

  • The opportunity to get involved in the MTB Industry.

  • Mentorship towards becoming a Mountain Bike Instructor.

  • An Endless Biking T-Shirt & goodies!

  • Lots of #goodtimesonbikes!

What we get:

  • Responsible and reliable young riders aged 14 - 18 years.

  • Fun, positive and outgoing attitudes.

  • To meet up and coming talented riders that are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm for mountain biking with riders of all abilities.


We pride ourselves in delivering the most professional, far reaching and progressive youth mountain biking lessons in BC. With this in mind, it is important that our Youth Apprentices are responsible, respectful and eager to learn.

You must:

  • Be willing to share your passion for mountain biking and ride at others pace.

  • Hold a valid OFA Level 1 or equivalent first aid certification. (If you don't already have this, don't let that hold you back!)

  • Have knowledge of  the North Vancouver Trail networks.

  • Have some experience of working / interacting with kids.

  • Have a willingness to help riders of all abilities.

  • Enjoy the idea of becoming a mountain bike guide / instructor.


1. Fill out the form below and submit your info and photos. We'll then review all those that have got in touch with us and get back to you!

Name *
Who are you, and what makes you interesting?
Do you currently hold a First Aid Certification (OFA Level 1 or equivalent) *

2. Upload a photo of you with your bike while enjoying some #goodtimesonbikes!