What level should I / my child be in?

Please refer to our individual programs & levels / fitness page to find out which level is right for you.

Youth Lessons

Typically, Intro Level is for those young riders that are just starting to make tracks on trail. Level 1 is for beginners that are comfortable riding a bike, Level 2 is for riders with some mountain bike experience and level 3 is for the more advanced riders that are comfortable on black diamond trails.

Adult Lessons

Level 1 is great for those that are new to mountain biking and looking to dial in the fundamentals. Level 2 is for those that comfortably ride most green and blue trails on the North Shore, although looking to ride faster and with more flow on their favourite trails.

Can I rent a bike to ride in my lesson?

Yes, although you will need to arrange this with us and book this separately from your lesson. Normal rental rates apply.

Can I take a lesson after hours?

Yes you can, although this does take some extra coordination! Please reach out to us at least 48 hours in advance so that we can organize with your instructor.

I don’t see a program for me, what are my options?

The best value of skill development for the money is in a private lesson. If no other lesson program suits your needs, a private lesson is for you!

I want to work on something specific can you help me?

Yes! We like to know what your personal riding goals are so that we can design a lesson plan to get you there.

Can I create my own custom group lesson with you?

Yes! Please see our Custom page and let's start the conversation about what it is you are looking for! Let us know the details: group goals, number of riders, dates, etc.


Can I rent a bike today?

Yes of course! We have a large range of mountain bikes available for rent and can normally get walk-in customers out on trail fairly quickly. We do recommend reserving a bike ahead of time so that we can speed up the process and maximize your time on the bike.

What is included with a bike?

We include helmets with all of our rental bikes. If you don't have your own helmet, this is a free extra. All other additional equipment and gear cost $5 per set.

What size of bike will fit me?

To determine size of bike will fit you well, all you need to know is your height. While Rocky Mountain bikes are generally slightly shorter in the top tube / reach these are rough guidelines to work with:

5’ - 5’4” = XS
5’4” - 5’8” = S
5’8” - 5’10” = M
5’10” - 6’1” = L
6’1” - 6’4” = XL
6’4”+ = XXL

What type of pedals do your bike have?

When it comes to pedals you have three options! We can fit your bike with either Shimano Flat or SPD pedals, or you can use your own pedals - we'll put them on for you.

For those new to the world of pedals, flat pedals have small pins that grip the soles of flat bottomed shoes, and SPD pedals use special cleats that clip to the sole of SPD shoes. Most beginner riders start out using flat pedals together with flat soled shoes. We have both flat and SPD shoes available to rent.

Are your rental bikes set up tubeless?

Yes, most of our bikes are set up tubless with Stans wheels and Maxxis tires. Incase of an puncture, we do have toolkits for rent that include an inner tube, mini pump, tire boot and tire levers if you need to fix an issue while out on the trail.

What about damage coverage?

Our damage coverage is an optional extra that can be added onto any of our bike rentals for an additional $30 per day ($90 for 3 days+). While this is not an insurance policy, it does cover some of the component parts that can be easily damaged through the event of a crash. We wish for each customer to treat our bikes like their own, but also realise that when out on the trails things can get damaged. Our crash coverage helps alleviate some of the financial implication of this kind of accidental damage.

Do I need to wear a helmet / body armor?

Here in BC it is mandatory to wear a helmet and we strongly recommend wearing body protection. Mountain biking has it’s inherent risks and dangers, and we feel that wearing body armor is a great way to manage these risks. We include helmets with all of our renatls.

Do I need to have special riding gear?

No. While it is a good idea to be aware of the weather and come dressed in appropriate clothes that can keep you warm in the wet, or cool in the sun, you do not need anything out of the ordinary. Some basic essentials for when it is cold/wet are are: layers, a rain jacket and a change of clothes. Other things you might want to consider are sunscreen, sunglasses, water and some snacks. We have a full range of mountain biking gear from the bikes themselves to the helmets, armor, shoes, gloves and backpacks - all of which are available to rent.

Do your bikes come with a bottle cage?

Not all of our bikes have the ability to carry a bottle. We do however have a range of Evoc backpacks that are available to rent and can carry up to 2L of water.

Can I take an EB rental bike to the Whistler Bike Park?

Yes. We recommend riding our Maiden Downhill bikes in the park. Throughout our experience we have found the park to be particularly harsh on bikes and their components, so we recommend this bike in an effort to minimize damage and maximize the life of our trail bikes. Riders take full responsibility for our bikes while they are renting and any damage they cause.


What kind of rider do I need to be?

We have tours for all levels of ability and fitness. Bear in mind that our terrain here on ‘The Shore’ is more technical than anywhere else. Our trails are littered with roots and rocks and also within a beautiful rainforest! Expect it to be different and you'll have a great time.

What’s included?

All of our tours give you the opportunity for a personalized experience with a certified proffessional guide. Our All Mountain and Gravity Tours include a shuttle to the trailhead, giving you maximum down for your up. Each participant gets a complimentary Clif Bar product for snacking, and smiles from ear to ear are free!!

Can I get a lunch?

Generally lunch is your responsibility but for a small fee we can arrange a lunch for you. We need at least 24 hours notice to bake the bread, make cookies and slow roast the sandwich meat.

How much is a bike to rent for a tour?

Rates start at $65 plus tax for a full suspension bike and $35 plus tax for a basic hardtail. You will need to book your rental as separate item when booking online to ensure you get the bike you want.

What trails can I expect to ride?

We cater our tours to! Using the information you provide us upon booking we select trails that will allow for the best experience! Also, upon meeting your guide and through a pre-ride discussion, they will have the opportunity to make any final tweaks to ensure that the riding area and route will cater to your fitness, ability and riding desires.

Do you have protective gear I can rent?

We have a full range of protective equipment to rent. All gear add on’s to a tour cost $5 plus tax.

What gear can I buy from you?

We have t-shirts, gloves, and EB merchandise for purchase to remember us by!

I have a specific tour idea in mind, can you accommodate?

Most likely yes! If none of the tours on our menu meet your needs, we can start a conversation and quote you on a custom booking. Let us know what you are looking for and will do our best to make it happen!

Can I get a hotel pick up?

Yes we can! For a fee of course. Make sure to plan ahead and let is know at least a 4 days in advance so that we can arrange this with you.

Can I get a lesson during my tour?

Sure! All of our guides are PMBIA certified and able to teach the skills needed to ride the North Shore style trails. The cost is $15 per person / per hour in addition to your tour rate.