Youth Age Groups

No matter the age or riding experience of your child, we have a group that is suited to them!

Here at Endless Biking we use age ranges to organize groups within our youth programs. These age ranges not only ensure that your child rides with their peers, but also has fun and enjoys the North Shore trails! We tailor our lessons / rides to different age ranges and take pride in ensuring each rider gets all that they can from their experience with us.

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Finding that you don't meet the minimum requirements for your age range? Contact us to chat about your options and how we can help you get there!

6-8 years old

This is where it all starts!

Intro riders are able to ride a bike independently and are excited to get outside into the forest. They are ready to gain experience on mountain bike trails and learn the fundamentals of biking.

While they have experience being outdoors for a few hours at a time, they enjoy taking snack breaks and multiple stops along the way to have fun.

Intro riders learn essential skills to transition from pavement onto beginner mountain bike trails and learn fundamental control of their bike.

8-11 years old

Taking our riding to the next level!

Junior riders love getting out on their bikes and have previous experience riding mountain bike trails. They enjoy longer rides, exploring new terrain and are excited to ride more.  

We recognize that within our Junior age range there can be a wide range of abilities. Junior riders are separated into groups according to their ability level to ensure a great experience for all. 

Juniors will develop their riding skills to improve confidence and control on North Shore trails.

12-16 years old

Keeping the #goodtimesonbikes going!

Senior riders are excited to get out on the North Shore trails with friends of a similar age. They have experience on mountain bike trails and are looking to fine tune their skills to ride more!

We recognize that within our Senior age range there can be a wide range of abilities. Senior riders are separated into groups according to their ability level to ensure a great experience for all. 

Seniors will work towards improving their skills to ride up, down and over North Shore trails and features. 

Adult Levels

No matter your riding experience or ability, we have a level that is suited to you!Invest in yourself and see the results out on the trail!

Here at Endless Biking we are dedicated to helping riders reach their goals and maximizing their enjoyment while riding their bike. We believe that learning proper technique and developing skills is the best way to manage the risks involved with our sport and ensure #goodtimesonbikes every ride!

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Intro Level

This is where it all starts! Intro level is all about making first tracks off road and setting the scene for an fun future in mountain biking. While Intro level riders are able to ride a bike, they may not have ridden on trail before. This level provides the opportunity to experience what mountain biking is all about and ride some easier pathways and beginner trails.

The skills learned at this level are taught in fun environment and will help increase confidence on a bike and maximize the enjoyment of riding. While riders can still expect to ride some small roots and rocks (and get a little muddy), they will focus on developing the essential skills to get riding off road.

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Level 1

Level 1 riders have minimal mountain biking experience here on the North Shore mountains and want to learn to ride on trails with confidence. Level 1 focuses on the foundational skills of mountain biking allowing riders to increase confidence and have more success on the trails.

Level 1 is all about developing a solid foundation in mountain biking, built from proper riding techniques. The skills learned are essential to tackling North Shore trails and are taught in a safe and manageable pace, as riders are introduced to a variety of green / blue trails gradually. 

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Level 2

Level 2 is ideal for riders who have a experience mountain biking on the North Shore trails, and are ready to develop their skills to ride more efficiently on more challenging terrain. Level 2 riders are comfortable riding North Shore blue trails and find challenges on some black features and trails. 

Level 2 is all about developing the skills, confidence and efficiencies to take on some of the more challenging trails / features on the North Shore, break some bad habits, and essentially have more fun on out there!

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Level 3

Level 3 suited to advanced riders, who are able to ride the more difficult black trails on the North Shore, but want help with more advanced skills.

Riders at this level are ready to be challenged by more advanced skill progressions including; jumps, drops, manuals, steeper terrain and other advanced tactics. If you can ride most of the North Shore trails but could use a bit more confidence and technique, then this is the level for you.

Level 3 is designed to give you added insight into mountain biking and the confidence to apply more advanced skills.

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