Dial in your skills with Endless Biking!

Open to NSRide members only (proof of membership required), these Skill Specific Single Sessions are designed for you to intensively focus on certain aspects of your riding and improve skills and confidence in those areas. We are excited to partner with NSRide and provide three sessions that will focus on some of the most common skills that need improvement where we will provide you with the tools to conquer them. Each session is taught in a small group of like-minded riders, each wanting to sharpen their riding and faster on the trails. Whether you are looking to improve your flow on the trail, ride bigger drops with confidence or climb better, we can send you in the right direction.

While our Fluid Fundamentals session is open riders who feel confident that they ride at Level 1 - 2 on our rider ability scale, all other Skills Specific Sessions are aimed at riders who fall into Level 2 - 3. These sessions are about building upon existing mountain biking skills and getting faster on the trail.

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Tuesday 26th April: 6pm - 8pm

Fluid Fundamentals

Build a solid foundation to build skills upon and become a more fluid and efficient mountain biker. Learn the importance and value of stability & balance, as well as improved gearing & cadence, smoother shifting and braking with more control and purpose. 


12 riders
(2 groups of 6)

Thursday 28th April: 6pm - 8pm


Bring excitement and flare to your riding with the correct techniques for drops. Throughout this session you will learn and understand a variety skills necessary to hit drops of varying sizes and styles.


6 riders


Technical Climbing

Learn to tackle technical climbs with ease in 2hrs!  Learn the finer points of positioning, gearing and cadence, trail tactics as well as your overall terrain awareness to be able to ride up and over all kinds of rooty and rocky terrain.


6 riders