Skill improvement guaranteed in 2 hours!

Our Skill Specific Single Sessions are great for those riders that are looking to focus on certain aspects of the riding and gain confidence and flow within those areas. We have a range of different clinics that focus on some of the most commonly struggled with skills and provide you with the tools to conquer them. Each sessions is taught in a small group of like-minded riders, each wanting to sharpen their riding. Whether you are looking to improve your flow on the trail, cornering faster, ride bigger drops, climb better or feel more confident in the air, we can send you in the right direction.

While our Fluid Fundamentals session is open riders who feel confident that they ride at Level 1 - 2 on our rider ability scale, all other Skills Specific Sessions are aimed at riders who fall into Level 2 - 3. These sessions are about building upon existing mountain biking skills and getting faster on the trail.

Fluid Fundamentals
Level 1 - 2

Build a solid foundation of mountain bike skills in only 2hrs!

Pump & Jump
Level 2 - 3

Learn to use the trail to your advantage and increase your speed & flow.

Technical Climbing
Level 2 - 3

Learn how to climb the most technical of climbs and discover the key to bigger, better rides.

Level 2 - 3

Bring excitement and flare to your riding with the correct techniques for drops.

Corner like a boss!
Level 2 - 3

Build skills to tackle all types of cornering situations with confidence and corner like a boss!



per rider


Each Skill Specific Session has it's own schedule. Please use the calendar below to check dates.


5 - 7 days before this lesson begins, we will send you a detailed itinerary.

We use a combination of start locations that include:

Please note that we need at least 3 riders to run a Single Session. We will confirm your order & take payment once we have a full group.