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EB Riding Tip:

Cornering tip: To develop solid cornering skills for moderate to high speed flat corners, try rotating your torso to look into the desired direction of your turn with 'all 3 eyes'. As you increase speed, get lower and lower to keep a low centre of gravity, to be able to lean the bike over farther to gain traction and maintain momentum! Have fun!

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Growing up – Endless Biking – by Jordan Thomas

Words: Jordan Thomas
Photos: Norma Ibarra
A look at what it’s like to have a 10 year old (company that is) Gaining perspective from an outsiders look….

So what makes a company last these days, especially a bike company when life is getting more expensive everyday? Like anything I think both people and attitudes make or break the chance of being truly successful. The likelihood of a newborn company to acquire the right people sharing a common passion for the same goals is becoming increasingly rare.
Endless Biking has beaten the odds, powered threw the awkward years and has now entered the double digits. Lets break down their philosophy to see what holds true from theory to At Endless Biking, we are committed to building a sustainable future for mountain biking.
All staff volunteer their time to everything from trail days to community events / Teach clients the ways of environmental stewardship and promote riding to work everyday. “Biophilia” google it.
“We will work hard to improve participation, access, awareness and performance in the sport”.
As members of the NSMBA, PMBI, WFA and neighbouring with SUSPENSION WERX & MARX CONDITIONING every
aspect is covered with many others I’m forgetting.  Every year visiting elementary schools teaching the importance of safe riding and how you can open your world with your bike.
“We believe in cycling as a great activity for all ages and abilities of skill and fitness. An activity
you can do with the whole family or challenge your personal goals”.
Offering programs for all levels giving each customer a perfect fit anywhere from an “allocentric” program of staying within comfort zones all the way to a “psychocentric” program pushing your limits learning what it out there and possible.
So what happens when your ten?…
Invite all your friends over, laugh, eat food, play on your bikes out front and end with a good old fashioned party!!!
The morning started with general setup of tents, tables and a offering of a plethora of bikes for people to try out throughout the days festivities. Each staff member with grins from ear to ear excited to talk about and use what they love…. BIKES!!!
Doors opened to public by 9am to rent bikes, sign-up for shuttles or simply talk shop. The turnout was amazing with a mix of friends, family, locals and a sprinkling of pros to top it off.
Attending the event myself I can’t say enough about how accommodating EB was to everyone stopping by. The amount of love for the industry would have been apparent even if you were blind or deaf. The vibe was one to talk about and the perfect send off to another amazing season on the north shore.
It will never get old walking up to DARREN FREAKING BUTLER and having him know who you are and have him share genuine gratitude for you supporting the company his wife and legend herself Kelli Sherbinin started 10 years ago.
Mountain biking has come a long way in the past decade and so has the coaching techniques that bring beginners into the sport. As EB is aware of this fact they in classic EB fashion offered multiple free clinics throughout the entire day to emphasize the important base skills advanced maneuvers rely Getting back from one of the many free shuttles feeling famished, you would find yourself in luck with a variety of snacks, burgers and drinks to fuel up for the afternoons adventures.
The day continued with more tours, rentals and pointing people in the direction of the NSMBA gear swap.
It was all smiles, all day and all out a great day with great people.
I can’t thank the Endless Biking staff and everyone else involved for volunteering their time to celebrating a mutual love for a sport I feel deserves every bit of coverage it can get.
Never stop learning and may all your trails be “Endless”

Pinbike: Mother Huckers – by Danielle Baker

When you liberate a group of moms from a morning of Dora the Explorer, and give them bikes instead, not even the rain will dampen their spirits. . .or shorten their conversations. No matter how passionate you are about riding, having a child changes your world. It changes how you do things, how long it takes you to do things, and most importantly, how much you do for yourself.

At one time in your life you may have looked outside to a sunny day, grabbed your bike and headed off for hours of riding without a care in the world. Days like that feel like a distant memory when you are trying to get out the door and your child is having a meltdown. You are almost always late by the time you make ten trips out to the car, are confident that you have everything, the tears are dried, the pouting has subsided and a suitable distraction found. Technical climbs and rocky descents used to be the hardest part of the ride, but now simply exiting the house leaves you exhausted. Read ARTICLE

Women’s Only Toonie Pre-Rides

Female Mountain Bikers!

NSMBA now provides more FREE support than your favourite sports bra!

We want you to come ride our fun and friendly Toonie events – they start May 1st and run every second Thursday evening.
If you already enjoy riding Fromme but are shy to try a Toonie, come ride with us!
One week before each of the Toonies, you are invited to come pre-ride the course with certified female coaches and ride leaders for FREE.
We will be meeting every Thursday night - either to pre-ride the Toonie course or to participant in the Toonie events as a group.
To ride the Toonie Event as a group, meet us at 5:45pm.
Upcoming Pre-rides: May 22nd / June 5th / June 19th / July 3rd / July 17th

Accident Simulation Day

April 5th was endless biking’s Accident Simulation Day, an annual exercise that our guides and instructors go through to keep them prepared and ready to respond to medical emergencies on the trail. Together, they tackled five accident simulations that tested their first-aid knowledge and readiness.
Much thanks to NSRide for organizing this event and helping to ensure our guides and instructors are always on their toes!

Pinbike Article: Endless Biking – Roots

We are celebrating our 10th  anniversary with a series of 10 stories on Pinkbike. The 10 articles will revolve around learning, community and the fundamentals of Endless Biking.
Check out the first story  by Danielle Baker : “The Roots”

The roots of Endless Biking push back beyond their inaugural camps in 2004 to the early 90’s and days of riding in hiking boots and chasing buffalo on borrowed bikes. Raised in non-mountain biking families, Kelli and Darren, owners and operators of Endless Biking, both still remember the moment that riding came into their lives and the profound change it brought with it.

In Nelson, British Columbia, Kelli remembers a purposeful adventure on borrowed bikes into the mountains that made her both want to puke – on the climb – and feel the spark of addiction – on the singletrack. Immediately she began to dream about the feeling of being a kid again and it was not long after that she got her very first bank loan and purchased her very first mountain bike. Making the transition from organized school sports to a ‘fringe’ sport that your parents can neither watch nor participate in can be a challenge and often the support and encouragement is lacking. With little main stream media attention available at the time Kelli’s conversations with her family often ended with “Oh. So, you’re crazy.”

“My family thought I had a boyfriend who beat me because I would always come home with all these bruises everywhere. They did not understand mountain biking.”

Two years later, and unknown to Kelli at the time, Darren would suddenly and surprisingly give up his career towards a hockey scholarship and take off down a parallel path. Getting back to his family roots, Darren discovered riding in Waskesiu, Saskatchewan, chasing buffalo with friends. READ FULL STORY.

EB celebratring 10 years! Open House April 12th 2014

On Saturday April 12, Endless Biking will be celebrating 10 years with an all day event for you!

EB will be hosting free demo bikes, free clinics, free trail rides & shuttles. BBQ, program/service specials and more!

1 hour clinics at: 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Also, this is same day as NSMBA gear swap at Jaycee House (http://www.nsmba.ca/swap), so you will have lots of things to do in the neighborhood during the day.

Maloja & Endless Biking at the Vancouver Bike Show

Lots of exciting things brewing at Endless Biking!

What a great start to the year so far.  The trail conditions have been some of the best ever with all the incredible work that has gone into the trails from the TAP program and NSMBA.  So much fun.   Thankfully we still have a fleet of rental bikes going and helping though who planned a trip out here to ski or snowboard and hooking them up with a mountain bike ride!  Oh the west coast! That is why we love it here.

Other exciting things going on for us is a new website in the works as well as a new booking system! Lots of improvements in our systems and offerings for 2014.  With celebrating 10 years in business, we have also try to reflect on what we have learned as a company and what we would like our next 10 years to look like.  We look forward to disclosing some of these exciting new initiative with you all soon!

We have teamed up with a group of students from Capilano University to help us with our online marketing strategy.  It has been a great pleasure to work with this group thus far and are excited to have them helping us grow!

Endless Biking Holiday Sale – less than a week for these amazing specials!


If you are looking for some holiday gifts or thinking of signing up for an Endless Biking program or service for next year, this is a great opportunity!

HOLIDAY SALE!  November 29th – December 20th

  • FREE Water Bottle or Pint Glass w/ program purchase
  • 10% Off Selected programming
    (1 Day Spring Tune-Up, Progression Session Level 1 or 2, Youth Spring Camp)
  • Gold Card Membership: $49.99 instead of $60
  • Enduro  XC Training Program -  Pay 50% now and 50% Feb 1st!!!! Don’t wait, this program sells out every year!


  • Spring Tune up – 1 day Camp – April 5
    $189 (Includes: lunch & shuttle)
  • Progression Session Level 1 o Level 2
  • Youth Spring Break Camp (March 17- 21, March 24-28)


1. Thirsty Rider Pack: $14.99
-Bottle opener
-Pint glass

2. Enduro Pack: $17.99
-EB tall socks
-Water bottle

3. Thirsty Enduro Rider Pack: All for $29.99
BEST DEAL – AND a FREE t-shirt!
-Bottle opener
-Pint glass
-Water bottle

4. EB Fan Pack: $59.99
FREE  Pint glass & Bottle Opener

*Limited to sizes and styles available, all promotional items must be pickup in store.

Vancouver is Awesome – Endless Biking

The first day of summer is upon us and that means it’s time to get out and get active!  Known as one of the Mecca’s of Mountain Biking, the North Shore Mountains are an infinite playground for the Weekend Warrior.  Fit and Fun Host Stephanie Florian meets up with the the folks at Endless Biking to go on her own Bike Adventure. READ ARTICLE

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