We pride ourselves in providing the best North Shore rental experience & have a full range of premium Rocky Mountain full suspension bikes outfitted with the best components from our sponsors.

Fox Racing Shox takes care of the suspension front & rear, and provides Fox DOSS dropper seatposts which allows you to get the most out of every inch of trail. Shimano supplies the brakes, drivetrain, and wheels for all our bikes. Joystick components provide the cockpit and saddle, while burly tires from Maxxis keep you rolling.

Please note:  

  • All RENTALS require a pre-authorization on a credit card (MC/VISA). 
    • Full suspension bikes require a pre-authorization of $2000
    • Hardtails/Kids bikes require a pre-authorization of $1000

These funds are held (not charged) on the card until the bike is returned and checked over by our mechanic. The final payment is paid upon return and after a thorough check of the bike has been completed. Any damages will be charged to the customer at retail cost and will be charged shop rate of $66 per hr for the repairs.

  • We run our front brake on the left and rear on the right! If you need this swapped around, let us know by selecting 'Moto Swap' within the booking process.
  • Event / Race rentals are not eligible for multi-day discount.

Full Suspension Pro Build

Our Pro Build bikes all have carbon fiber frames and are built with our own pro-level components from Shimano, Rocky Mountain, Fox, Stans and Maxxis.


Up to 4 hours

2 days

5 days


Up to 8 hours

3 days

6 days


Up to 24 hours

4 days

7 days


All bike rentals can be booked ahead of time or are available on a first come, first served basis as a walk into our shop.

We recommend that you pre-book your rental at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you get the bike you want, and so that we can have it ready for you!

For rentals of 8+ days contact us to book!

Rocky Mountain Slayer

27.5 Wheels | 170mm(f) / 165mm(r) travel

A mini downhill bike that you can pedal back up to the top!

As seen throughout the Enduro World Series, our Rocky Mountain Slayers are build up with the best components and are ready to take on everything from big mountain lines and rugged single track, to bike park laps! While this bike descends like a downhill bike, it will surprise you on the ups! It provides great support while climbing, and will get you back to the top for more!

Rocky Mountain Instinct BC

29" Wheels | 160mm(f) / 155mm(r) travel

The Instinct BC Edition is Rocky Mountain's all-new Carbon Instinct platform, built up as an even more aggressive trail monster than the standard instinct.

This bike has been designed with ultra-aggressive geometry for steep terrain and is kitted out with a long stroke shock that provides 155mm of rear travel. It's wide bars, big tires, ultra-stiff wheels, and more capable suspension means that the Instinct BC smashes all mountain lines, rails corners, and plows over everything in sight, while still displaying all the climbing efficiency that makes the Instinct a crowd favourite.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Enduro World Series (EWS)

27.5" Wheels | 170mm(f) / 155mm(r) travel

Our EWS edition Altitude is a fully custom built bike that features the same pro-level components and suspension as the Rocky Mountain Enduro team bikes! What started out as a standard Altitude Carbon 50, this bike now has a more travel, bigger brakes and more aggressive tires that would make you feel at home on any enduro race start line!

We've built up these bikes to showcase the best components from our partners, and so that you can fulfill your dream of being on an EWS start line. If you're looking for a bike that can take on all that BC's most technical trails can throw at you, look no further!

Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 50

27.5" Wheels | 160mm(f) / 150mm(r) travel

The Altitude is Rocky Mountain's do-it-all, all rounder! Not only will it get you down the most technical trails, but it will get you back up the mountain for more! The all-new Altitude pushes the envelope of what a modern trail bike is capable of.

For 2018 Rocky Mountain has designed an all-new frame to increase stiffness, improve pedaling efficiency and small-bump sensitivity, and include a host of next-generation features. 

Rocky Mountain Maiden

27.5" Wheels | 200mm travel

Rocky Mountain has a long history with going downhill – FAST! Known for making some of the most burly and reliable downhill bikes, the Maiden continues this legacy!

The Maiden was designed from the ground up to perform at the highest levels of big mountain freeriding, World Cup racing, and bike park blasting.

Full Suspension Alloy

Our Alloy bikes are all built with pro-level components from Shimano, Rocky Mountain, Fox, Stans and Maxxis.


Up to 8 hours

3 days

6 days


Up to 4 hours

2 days

5 days


All bike rentals can be booked ahead of time or are available on a first come, first served basis as a walk into our shop.

We recommend that you pre-book your rental at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you get the bike you want, and so that we can have it ready for you!


Up to 24 hours

4 days

7 - 14 days
$55 per day

For rentals of 15+ days, contact us to book!

Rocky Mountain Pipeline

27.5+ Wheels | 150mm(f) / 130mm(r) travel

New to Endless Biking and the Rocky Mountain lineup for 2017, the Pipeline is the 27.5”+ wheeled trail weapon. This bike is great for beginners and experts alike. Ride all day and have energy to spare thanks to the terrain smoothing, plump tires. Featuring a carbon fibre frame, BOOST hubs and 2.8” Maxxis tires, this bike has excellent traction, a plush ride and amazing handling.

Riding right into the middle of the Rocky Mountain lineup, this bike is able to take on anything the trail has to offer. See what all 27.5+ hype is about and try it for yourself!

Rocky Mountain Element

29" Wheels | 120mm(f) / 100mm(r) travel

At home on the start lines of marathon stage races around the world, the new Rocky Mountain Element is the perfect choice for epic singletrack rides. If your looking to be as efficient as possible and take on lung-bursting climbs, look no further!

With 29” wheels, 120mm up front and 100mm of travel in the rear the Element sits at the top of Rocky Mountain’s cross country line-up.

Rocky Mountain Instinct

29" Wheels | 140mm(f) / 130mm(r) travel

Big wheels, relaxed angles, and capable suspension: 3 things that make the Rocky Mountain Instinct a true trail weapon!

Formerly 29” wheels were seen only under cross country riders and folks riding less aggressive trails - this is not the case with the Instinct. Long climbs and even longer descents are what this bike craves; 29” wheels provide the best rollover, while longer travel and slacker angles don’t sacrifice anything on the way down. Already a 29er fan? Great. Never ridden one? Even better. The Instinct is ready for anything.

Rocky Mountain Altitude

27.5" Wheels | 160mm(f) / 150mm(r) travel

Summing up the Rocky Mountain Altitude in two words: Confidence Inspiring! The Altitude has a dual personality that is capable of taming the most aggressive descents, while also being an admirable climber able to handle alpine epics. It's 27.5” wheels help smooth out the trail without sacrificing any playfulness.

Compared to the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt and Instinct, the Altitude is biased the most towards descending, and is a true favourite on the North Shore! This bike is perfect for anyone looking to get the most downhill performance, while still being able to make it to the top for multiple laps.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

27.5" Wheels | 130mm(f) / 120mm(r) travel

Vancouver’s North Shore has built a reputation for having its own unique brand of “Cross Country” riding – a style of riding that the Thunderbolt is perfect for!

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt is a bike bred out of necessity, for the rider who likes to get the most out of every ride, whether that be lung busting climbs, dicey descents, or the start line at the local XC races. The Thunderbolt 27.5” wheels and shorter travel creates an exciting lively ride that begs to be pushed to the limits both climbing and descending.