Here at Endless Biking we are honoured to have an amazing mix of companies that sponsor us. Without their support and encouragement it would not be possible to do what we do and we encourage you to support them.

Title Sponsor


Creators of some of the finest mountain bike components in the world. Known for their high quality, precision and serviceability, Shimano carries an entire range of components from entry level to World Cup level performance and everything in between.

We are proud to be have been supported by Shimano for 15 years and proudly showcase the Shimano SLX, XT, XTR, Zee & Saint and Di2 groups on our bikes. Come on down and try before you buy!

Presenting Sponsors


Buttery smooth suspension products and adjustable seat posts to handle any terrain that you/we may encounter. Fox leads the industry in smoothing out the bumps to give you the greatest ride possible, on any style of bike.

EB bikes are equipped with the latest Fox products to give you the best experience possible and EB staff and team riders get ultra reliable product to tackle the challenging BC terrain with on a daily basis.

#lovetheride Well that's easy! Rocky Mountain Bicycles are designed and tested right here on the North Shore, allowing our staff, team and customers to ride bikes that are designed for the environment they will be ridden in.

Rocky Mountain is an industry leader in progressive designs, technologies and we have an entire range of their bikes to handle any type of terrain you can get yourself to and allow you to #lovetheride!


The best mountain bike tires in the world!

Maxxis is leading the way with up to date tire sizing & volumes, tread patterns and rubber compounds to give you the stickiest tires imaginable. Rail corners with confidence, tackle roots with ease and turn rocks into playthings with Maxxis' lineup of tires featured on all of EB's bikes. Get connected with Maxxis!


What's better than awesome tires? Awesome rims & tires without Stans NoTubes!

At EB we are proud to have made a 100% tubeless switch on all full-suspension bikes and we will never look back. Less flats, better trail feel, lighter wheel weights and better technology make this an easy one for us. Stan's Flow EX, Arch EX & Crest Rims keep our wheels true, tires inflated and you riding the North Shore without having to worry about any of it! Get some Stan's rims and get sauced up!



An industry leader in safety and design, POC produces some of the most progressive protection to keep our staff, team and customers safe (and stylish) while riding the technical terrain in BC.

Soft knees, hard knees, an array of helmets, POC really does offer superior protection to keep you rolling day on and day out. Come on down and give it a try before you invest in yourself!


A global leader in backpack performance and design that can withstand years of abuse, while functioning at the highest levels. Carefully crafted and impeccably detailed, EVOC products are world renowned and acknowledged with awards every year.

Ask an EB instructor or Guide to show off their pack and you will truly be blown away by the quality of craftsmanship that has gone into every product they make!


Ryders Eyewear is another local company we are proud to have worked with since day 1.

Ryders new Anti-Fog technology, paired with their new Fyre lens, are taking this local company global with its revolutionary eyewear concepts that are brought to life right here on the North Shore. Ryders Eyewear allows us to see into the future, fog free and you can too! Available in-store at EB!


Well you've probably noticed the high level of all of our partners and CLIF fits right in here nicely!

A global leader in trail snacks and supplements to keep you topped up on energy for any ride you have in mind. Kids snacks, before, during, after snacks are all a part of the wide variety of organic snacks used by the world's best! You do deserve the best, don't you?

Community Partners


The North Shore trails have been around for decades and see tens thousands of riders using them every year. Locals and tourists alike flock to the world famous North Shore to ride some of the world most beautiful yet technical terrain. These trails have all been built and maintained by volunteer efforts and they do require support. Endless Biking is a proud sponsor of the NSMBA and provides support for various events and trail days. How can you help? Become an NSMBA annual membership and/or purchase a Trail Pass to support our great trails and the volunteers who advocate for them.


EB is proud to endorse the PMBIA who have helped establish an international Instructor and Guides training standard that is now available in almost 20 countries. Endless Biking is one the official Operators to offer PMBI training for Instructors and Guides and each and every Instructor and Guide at Endless Biking is certified by the PMBIA, giving our customers the most up to date teaching and guiding standards available.


EB is proud to be official training partners for the BC Bike Race and official guiding partner for the BC Bike Ride. We provide riders from all over the world the necessary training to ride the event safely and effectively. Whether you are a local looking for a weekly training program or a rider from out of town, looking for course pre-rides or skills clinics, EB can set you up for BCBR!

EB is also the official Guiding partner for BC Bike Ride’s custom events, providing guiding, resources and logistics for these events.


Suspension Werx is a highly regarded suspension tuner in North Vancouver that keeps our riders rolling smoothly and buttering up all the bumps with smooth fork/shock performance. Get your suspension serviced and tuned today by these world class suspension gurus to make your bike feel just right.


Want to get your bike fitted for maximizing efficiency when you ride? Be able to ride further, faster and set your bike up to suit your body's unique measurements to get the most performance. BC Bike Fit uses some of the latest technologies and trends to get your bike & body in sync to get the most from your ride. How does your bike fit?


Squamish is home to some of our favourite trails. Although we don't operate here on a regular basis, we love to visit and we want to support as many trail associations as we can in areas around us. EB is proud to be a sponsor of SORCA and give back to these incredible trails and the people who look after them.


As a mountain biker, physiotherapy and massage almost go hand in hand. Like your bike, you will require some maintenance and repair along the way. Pivotal Health not only provide great treatments but they ride and play in the mountains too, so they understand our goals and needs as riders living an active lifestyle and have progressive treatments available to keep us out on the trails.